Northwoods Scale Model Phanatics

2021 Contest

On Saturday May 1, 2021, the Northwoods Scale Model Phanatics held their annual contest and swap meet in Eagle River. There were 199 models from 34 different modelers being displayed and all were incredible! (see links below for pictures)

Below are the winning models from our 7th annual contest:

Armor WWII Allied
1st placeM-18 HellcatMaynard Nigbor
2nd placeBritish Heavy Tank A39Tom Foerster
3rd placeT-34 185 for LarisaTim Klunder
Armor WWII Axis
1st PlaceKit Bashed HetzerMaynard Nigbor
2nd PlaceTiger Mark VIMichael Jarvis
3rd PlaceKing TigerRobert Dudley
Armor Post WWII
1st PlaceShot KAL IsrealiTom Foerster
2nd PlaceChallenger 2MBTMaynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceLeopard 2 AGRobert Dudley
Armor Soft Skin
1st PlaceSDKFZ 250-1Jeff Herne
2nd PlaceLV-4Maynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceGerman HalftrackMichael Jarvi
Armor Other
no entries
Aircraft Large
1st PlaceP-51 D Petie IIIJeff Horne
2nd PlaceP-51 D MustangMaynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceME 109 EMark Oldenburg
Aircraft 1/48
1st PlaceP-38 H LightningMathew Mathis
2nd PlaceBF 110 CTom Foerster
3rd PlaceTexaco Phantom RacerPat Klunder
Aircraft Small
1st PlaceEye of the TigerMatt Vach
2nd PlaceUSN f-4 JMaynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceSpitfire Mk VBJon Kreuger
Aircraft Rotary
1st PlaceMil-24 V HindJeff Herne
2nd PlaceUSMC AH-12Maynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceMil MI-24 HindMaynard Nigbor
Autos Street/Stock
1st Place56' Nomad WagonTom Foerster
2nd Place56' Chevy Street MachineBill Cook
3rd Place1930 Packard RoadsterJohn Rivard
Autos Racing
1st Place69' Camaro PromodTim Kasper
2nd PlaceCorvair-Funny CarBill Cook
3rd PlaceBig John's 41' WillysTom Foerster
Autos Custom
1st Place66' Nova WagonTim Kasper
2nd Place58' ChevyKevin Kock
3rd PlaceTijuana TaxiMarie Foerster
Trucks Custom
1st Place1970 Ford Custom PickupBrian Kaplan
2nd Place1931 Stake BedKevin Koch
3rd PlaceCoke A Cola Monster TruckLeo Tobler
Trucks Light Duty
1st PlaceBeater DodgeMaynard Nigbor
2nd PlaceBig GameMaynard Nigbor
Trucks Commercial
1st PlaceWhite FruehaufBill Cook
1st PlaceKaori Japanese CruiserJon Kreuger
2nd PlaceGraf SpeePete Samolinski
3rd PlaceHMS Roberts MonitorMaynard Nigbor
1st PlaceT-RexMarie Foerster
2nd placeBikini BodyDonna Rae Polansky
3rd PlaceMr SlammerKaren Kock
1st PlaceAnother Day in the NeighborhoodTroy Deal
2nd PlaceU-292Micheal Jarvi
3rd PlaceBreakout HedgerowMaynard Nigbor
Sci-Fi & Real Space
1st PlaceThe WolfmanMarie Foerster
2nd PlaceUSS EnterpriseMark Oldenburg
1st Place1928 LincolnTroy Deal
2nd PlacePorche TractorLeo Tobler
3rd PlaceYamaha Dirt BikeTroy Henk
Junior & Intermediate
1st Place70' CorvetteMatthew Fairfield
2nd PlaceA-10Rebecca Wussow
3rd PlaceFord Police SquadAaliyah Easton
Special Awards
Blast From the Past
1st PlaceAtomic CannonTom Foerster
2nd Place61' PontiacKevin Kock
3rd PlaceTerra Cruiser w/mace MissilePat Klunder
Lucky Seven
1st PlaceT34/76Tom Foerster
2nd PlaceRea C Cab TPat Klunder
3rd Place71' DustarrBrian Kaplan
Peoples Choice
SD.KFZ 250-1Jeff Herne
ZOG/Most Innovative
MOPAR GarageBrian Kaplan
Golden Tiger
SD.KFZ 250-1Jeff Herne
Best of Show
69' Camaro Pro ModTim Kasper

Below are an assortment of models presented at our 2021 Contest. Click on the thumbnails to display a larger image.

picture 1 picture 2 picture 3

picture 4 picture 5 picture 6

picture 9 picture 11 picture 13

picture 14 picture 15 picture 16

picture 17 picture 18 picture 19

picture 20 picture 21 picture 22

picture 23 picture 25 picture 26

picture 27 picture 28 picture 29

picture 30 picture 31 picture 32

picture 33 picture 34 picture 35

picture 36 picture 37 picture 38

picture 39 picture 40 picture 41

picture 42 picture 43 picture 44

picture 45 picture 46 picture 47

picture 48 picture 49 picture 50

picture 51 picture 52 picture 53

picture 54 picture 55 picture 56

picture 57 picture 58 picture 59

(Pictures courtesy of Tim Klunder)

The members of the NSMP would like to thank all of the winners and everyone who came to our event. We hope to see you again next year for the 8th annual contest and swap meet!