Northwoods Scale Model Phanatics

2022 Contest

On Saturday May 7, 2022, the Northwoods Scale Model Phanatics held their annual contest and swap meet in Eagle River. There were approximately 150 models from 27 different modelers being displayed and all were incredible! (see links below for pictures)

Below are the winning models from our 8th annual contest:

Armor WWII Allied
1st placeM5A1 Light TankMaynard Nigbor
2nd placeChurchill Aure NormandyTom Foerster
Armor WWII Axis
1st PlaceNashornJack Lichwa
2nd PlaceSoviet T-80 Light Tank Michael Jarvi
3rd PlaceHungarian Light Tank 38m TOLD IIMaynard Nigbor
Armor Post WWII
1st PlaceIsraeli M50 Super ShermanMaynard Nigbor
2nd PlaceII Israeli M-51 tankThomas Schry
Armor Soft Skin
1st PlaceM-151 Ford MuttThomas Schry
2nd PlaceCheverolet Long Range TruckMaynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceFrom Russia With LoveMichael Jarvi
Armor Other
1st PlaceSkoda PA-IIThomas Schry
Aircraft Large
1st PlaceRommel's RodThomas Schry
Aircraft 1/48 Prop
1st PlaceBf-1106-4Jack Lichwa
2nd PlaceAfrican WildcatMat Mathis
3rd PlaceFW 190A-8Maynard Nigbor
Aircraft 1/48 Jets
1st PlaceFJ-4 FuryMat Mathis
2nd PlaceIDF M113 FitterMaynard Nigbor
Aircraft Small
1st PlaceF-105DJack Lichwa
2nd PlaceRafale MAshlyn Ehsani
3rd PlaceBELL X-1Tony Swaekauski
Autos Street/Stock
1st Place69' Dodge Superbee A-12Tom Foerster
2nd Place41 WILLYS SEDAN Delivery ProstreetStan Daley
3rd Place1969 Camaro Kevin Koch
Autos Racing
1st PlaceSCRAMBLERTim Kasper
2nd PlaceBYPASSTom Kasper
3rd Place1955 Chevy 2 DoorKevin Koch
Autos Custom
1st PlaceUNCHAINEDTim Kasper
2nd PlaceThe Red Baron + Tri Plane (Camea's Set)Ken Rautio
3rd PlaceGolden RodTom Kasper
Autos Curb Side
1st PlaceThings That Make You Go HUMMTim Kasper
2nd Place962 Porsche Stan Daley
Trucks Custom
Trucks Light Duty
1st PlaceYooper Rust Bucket PlowTruckMichael Jarvi
2nd PlaceREA Ccub TPat Klunder
3rd Place1976 Chevy 4x4 Kevin Koch
Trucks Commercial
1st PlacePeterbuilt 359Thomas Schry
2nd Place"BROKEN DOWN"Leo Tobler
3rd PlaceKenworth Day CabDavid Francis
1st PlaceIJN Cruiser MogamiDrew Bendler
2nd PlaceLa Tartane ShipThomas Schry
1st PlaceHunchback of Notre DameThomas Schry
1st Place"Yup Corades We're STUCK"Michael Jarvi
2nd PlaceDIORAMATom Kasper
3rd PlaceHenschez Hs 129Peter Samolinski
1st PlaceSNO TwisterTom Kasper
2nd PlaceHitachi Wheeled Loader/PlowMaynard Nigbor
3rd PlaceKeggerTroy Henk
Junior & Intermediate
1st PlaceF35B Egg PlaneAaliyah Easton
2nd Place70 1/2 Lt1 CorvetteMatthew Fairfield
Special Awards
Out of Box
1st PlaceHudson Hornet Tim Flock DriverTom Foerster
2nd PlaceTerracruzor w/Mace MissilePatrick Klunder
3rd Place1968 VW BeetleThomas Schry
On the Screen
1st PlaceBandit's TATom Foerster
Out of the Garbage Pile
1963 Pontiac Tempest "Out of the Garbage Pile" RescuedKevin Koch
ZOGg-Most Innovative
DioramaTom Kasper
M4AZ ShermanMaynard Nigbor
Golden Tiger
NashornJack Lichwa
Peoples Choice
DioramaTom Kasper
Best of Show

Below are an assortment of models presented at our 2022 Contest. Click on the thumbnails to display a larger image.

picture 1 picture 2 picture 3

picture 4 picture 5 picture 6

picture 9 picture 11 picture 13

picture 14 picture 15 picture 16

picture 17 picture 18 picture 19

picture 20 picture 21 picture 22

picture 23 picture 25 picture 26

picture 27 picture 28 picture 29

picture 30 picture 31 picture 32

picture 33 picture 34 picture 35

picture 36 picture 37 picture 38

picture 39 picture 40 picture 41

(Pictures courtesy of Tim Klunder)

The members of the NSMP would like to thank all of the winners and everyone who came to our event. We hope to see you again next year for the IPMS Region V Convention and Show!